Moleke Human Capital works across industries to support organisations to implement people management and development strategies that unlock business growth and the potential of their talent, to create a vibrant and diverse workspace that attracts and retains top talent.


An organisation succeeds when employees work towards a common goal, based on a shared commitment to its vision and strategy. We work with human capital and industry experts to align people and HR strategy with long-term business goals and strategies.

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Tryphinah Moleke
Founder and Director

Tryphinah Moleke is a seasoned human resources professional, executive coach and leadership trainer. Her consulting firm, Moleke Human Capital, provides customised training and coaching services that help teams, executives and leaders improve effectiveness, enhance emotional intelligence and ultimately, develop their full potential.

Prior to establishing her own consultancy, Tryphinah held senior HR Roles at multinational companies in the mining, healthcare and tertiary education sectors. She holds an honours degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources from NMMU and has Completed several coaching courses with Results Coaching.

Tryphinah is a Thomas Gordon Institute-certified trainer and a member of the International Coach Federation.


We believe in the transformative and sustainable ground-up approach of growing talent and thus work with clients to develop learnership, internship, traineeship and graduate workplace processes and programmes that attract top young talent through our Academy. We pay particular attention to getting learners and graduates workplace fit. It is a strategy that has served our clients and young talent exceptionally well.


Our high impact coaching methods enable managers to develop the emotional intelligence and management skills required to fulfil their potential and lead their teams to peak perfomance.


We shape training strategies that drive better employee analysis and audit of the organisation's skills base and priorities. We partner with Sector Education and Training Authorities and leading training providers to ensure that training and development programmes meet the highest standards.


We offer outsourced human capital services for organisations that do not have the resources to build the function in-house.This allows our clients to focus on their core business while accessing high-calibre human capital services.


We develop and implement performance management processes that cultivate employee engagement and productivity.


The academy was established to provide not only learning opportunities, but enhanced odds of success for graduates entering the world of work. The academy's dual approach of supporting under-resourced, time-poor management on the one hand, and mitigating the myraid barriers confronting young work entrants on the other, delivers positive outcomes for the betterment of all.

The academy is testament to the opportunities in challenge and adversity, and exemplifies our belief, captured in this sentiment by von Goethe: "If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming"

We are avid advocates for the triumph of human potential and we are pragmatists too: the collaboration between the host company partners and MHC Academy ensures the tools we equip the learners with, are tested practically to give them a sense of work life. The academy environment is a supportive safe space, conducive to learning. Learners share openly with their peers and learn from each other, allowing them to build and consolidate their body of experience.


We have run a successful Medical Representative Learnership Program since 2011. During these past four years I have had the pleasure of working with Tryphinah Moleke in her capacity as our Learnership consultant. Tryphinah has played a huge role in the success of the above mentioned Learnership program by acting as the dedicated coach for the Learners during the program.

In addition Tryphinah played a similar role to our two disabled Learners on a business Administration Learnership Program. I have found Tryphinah’s approach to be pragmatic and her advice sound. She is well versed in all aspects ofHR and has provided input with regard to recruitment and selection of the Learners, handling their issues and/or concerns and providing me with feedback as to the top talent in the group. Sandoz South Africa has won numerous international awards as a result of the success of this program. In 2015 we are again running the Learnership Program and together with Tryphinah’s invaluable input I am looking forward to yet another successful program year. Doreen Nixon, Head of Human Resources, Sandoz South Africa

- Sandoz

Tryphinah has been instrumental in assisting me to grow not just professionally but also personally. She has the ability to coach one in a non-judgmental fashion. Her ability to shift one's mindset in dealing with everyday corporate challenges is invaluable. She knows how to explain dealing with complex business relationships in a practical way and I have grown tremendously having been coached by her. I am confident in my interactions with business stakeholders at various levels especially at executive level. I highly recommend her as a coach.

- Mzwandile Machobane - HR manager AstraZeneca South Africa

One of the biggest challenges that I faced when I started my learnership is the transition from varsity life to corporate life. Now as trivial as this may seem to some, or as naturally as it may come to other, I do believe that they too don't know all the ins and outs of office life. I found the corporate environment challenging more so because I believe that in the field of science studies, you aren't fully equipped to deal with office/corporate surrounding.

Due to the above mentioned, I found that Tryphina's coaching played a pivotal role in guiding me to become accustomed to "the office" everyday proceedings. It also served as great clarifying sessions, which aided me in seeing concealed qualities within the workspace that others may not see. I found myself not only adapting to the work environment but also applying her teaching in everyday tasks that at the end served me positively. A teaching that I believed help me the most and till this day I work on is "The Sphere of influence". Trust me she'll make sure she emphasizes on this, and rightfully so, because this aspect is immensely important to the work environment. Being aware of "The Sphere of Influence" helped me manage up, manage externally and most importantly manage myself through constant introspection.

There are so many other valuable teaching and session which I had with Tryphina and I couldn't cover them all in this testimony. I believe due to the fact that I applied her coaching lessons; I was able to secure a permanent position in a company which is the market leader of its field. In addition to this, I won an award for Excellence in operations within my first year as an Account Manager. But besides the value-add to the workplace, the constant self-analysis has helped me better myself and with that I can apply it to all aspects of my life. I can't begin to thank Tryphina enough for these sessions.

- Qophela Ndlovu- Account Manager- Roche Diagnostics

Tryphinah consulted at Takeda Pharmaceuticals as the HR Expert regarding the performance management programmes and various other HR related matters. We worked very closely on the performance development plans for my team, the finance team. Together with Tryphinah's expertise she coached and later mentored me into becoming a strong, focused and fair manager and colleague.

She reminded me that my team is my first priority and developing and mentoring them was my key focus. She taught me how to actively listen to my team members and hear what they have to say. I have learnt to listen to my teams' opinions and ensure that my answer was always constructive and supportive. We always prepared for the performance reviews and would startegise on how to manage the meeting to get the message ( whatever the key focus was per individual ) to each individual member of my team in a professional and empowering manner.

Amongst many, the one characteristic about Tryphinah I really liked and appreciated was her honesty and constructive feedback. She was never afraid to throw me curve balls continuously until the message came across in the most correct and appropriate way, helping me to to handle the situation correctly.

Working with Tryphinah Moleke has been a life changing experience and I owe my success as a manager to her based on her work philosophy, guidance, patience and professionalism. She is so passionate about her work and invests all that she has to the task at hand no matter how small or large. Any person that has the opportunity to work with Tryphinah will be privledged

- Maria Hadjidemetriou- Finance Manager- Takeda South Africa

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